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Creamworks Creamery

At one time almost every community had a small milk bottling or ice cream plant located close by, today most if not all are gone. It was with this in mind that we believed that the time was right once again for the establishment of a small local dairy and creamery. Beginning in 2005, a vast amount of time and effort was put forth into researching small dairy plants and creameries and from that work came CREAMWORKS CREAMERY. With our plant completed in July of 2010, we bottled our first tank of milk and our dream was realized.

Our Mission

CREAMWORKS CREAMERY strives to offer fresh, wholesome dairy products to our consumers. We use nothing but farm fresh milk and the finest ingredients and focus on processing in small batches that allows us to concentrate on the quality of the finished product. We utilize High Temp Short Time (HTST) pasteurization for our milk and some cream products, a process that gently heats the milk to 165o for 15 seconds, then the milk is homogenized and cooled to 38o and bottled. We use Vat pasteurization for our ice cream and other products, where the milk is heated slowly to 150o or 155o, depending on the final product and held for 30 minutes, after which it is homogenized, cooled and ready for the next step.

Our Ice Cream Flavors

Local and Farm Fresh Just for You!

Our Products

What Our Customers Are Saying

It was some of the best ice cream I ever had! Wish I lived closer!

Aimee Y.

Awesome Ice Cream !! Do yourself a favor and head to Creamworks Creamery ASAP. Go and experience farm fresh Ice cream full of delicious flavor and rich mouthfeel .

Ken K.

Best ice cream ever! So much flavor and oh so creamy, and best part, it is local!

Dave W.

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Creamworks Creamery offers the highest quality fresh milk and wholesome dairy products. See what we’re all about!

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